Quick start

GitHub - garronej/my_dummy_npm_and_deno_module: Example/tutorial on how to setup denoify
The best way to start with Keycloakify is to clone the demo project and start playing with it.
git clone https://github.com/garronej/my_dummy_npm_and_deno_module
cd my_dummy_npm_and_deno_module
npm install
npm run build
# Run the sample with node
node dist/test/test1.js
# Run the sample with Deno
deno run --allow-read --allow-env deno_dist/test/test1.ts
You can have a look at how the sources are transformed from the src directory into the deno_dist directory.
Then, for greater details, please refer to the README of the demo project. It explains the various capabilities of Denoify.

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